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Best WhatsApp Status Love 2015 Collections

Cool WhatsApp Status Love 2015

Hello Everyone, Today I am sharing the cool whatsapp status love 2015 edition. As we all know, whatsapp is the best application is being used widely in all over the world. People use it on a daily basis to communicate with their friends and family. So here I am representing the best whatsapp status love 2015 edition with you that you will like most.

whatsapp status love 2015

Here we have shared some of the best hand picked cool whatsapp status love 2015. As we all know whatsapp is an addicted activity. People show their feeling via whatsapp status. Here we have shared some of the hand picked best & cool whatsapp status love which you will like to add it as your whatsapp status.

Best WhatsApp Status Love 2015

Finally on the demand of theelectronfiles viewers, we are here representing the best cool whatsapp status love. We have full rights to this status and we are giving the authority to copy it and use it in your desktop. If you have any other best whatsapp status love then you can share it with us via comment.

50+ Cool WhatsApp Status Love 2015

  • A life without love is like a year without summer.
  • Love is like a baby, it needs to be treated gently
  • Love is like a brick, you can build a house, or you can sink a dead body.
  • Just follow the glow; yeah it won’t be long just to know that you’re not alone.
  • If you love me only in my dreams, let me be asleep forever.
    Paradise is always where love resides.
  • Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.
  • If I know what love is, it is because of you.
  • No life without her.
    All My Life I Thought Air Is Free Until I Bought A Bag Of Chips.
  • It’s Been 70+ Years, Tom. You’re Never Going To Eat Jerry
    I Don’t Usually Sleep Enough, But When I Do, It’s Still Not Enough 😉
  • I Hate People Who Steal My Ideas, Before I Think Of Them
  • I Feel Like A Indiana Jones, Because You Are The Treasure I Am Looking For.
  • Excuse Me …. Please Empty Your Pockets …. I Think You Stole My Heart.
  • 26 Missed Calls From Dad: Lol, Whatever.
    1 Missed Call From Mum: Fuck
  • The Only Thing I Gained So Far In 2013 Is Weight :)
  • I Always Learn From Mistake Of Others Who Take My Advice :)
  • Kiss Me And You Will See How Important I Am.
  • Flirtation Ship: More Than A Friendship And Less Than A Relationship.
  • In A Dictionary, First Comes Divorce, Then Marriage
  • Love is made by caring,trust and respect.
  • You don’t just walk into love, yoeu fall in. That is why it’s so hard to get out.
  • I love you no matter what you want to do, but do you have to do so much of it?
  • If you love someone, hide it, lock it up & don’t tell a soul.

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How to Block Specific Websites?

How to Block Specific Websites?

Instead of monitoring your employees’ internet activity, you could choose to block certain websites. While many employers will choose to block porn sites, you may want to block those that affect productivity. While there are downsides depending on the jobs the employees need to do, there are many more benefits. Now all you need to do is learn how to block specific websites from your employees’ computers.

How to Block Specific Websites

Download Software Just for This

One option is to download some specific software for blocking sites. There are many different companies offering software for this need, and some are even free. It’s worth doing your research into the software. While free does not necessarily mean bad, there could be limitations that affect your workplace efforts.

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The software will be easy to install on the computer. Once it’s there, you usually simply add the websites you want to block, and that will pass around the whole system in the office. When people pull up the site, they will be alerted that there is a block on the page to prevent them from looking into it.

This is often more effective than other forms of website blocking because:

It is harder to bypass
Employees don’t need to know the software being used
It’s easier to add in new sites as they are added to your software
You can still monitor activity to find out when websites need to be added
You could add time limits so the sites are available during specific times of the day

On Each Computer

It is possible block specific websites on each computer over the network without software. Most of the time this will be through browsers, but that could lead to problems with people bypassing the block by using a different browser. You would need to implement the browser option on every single browser downloaded on the PC.

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If the computers run on Microsoft Windows, it is possible to block through the family settings. This is similar to blocking certain websites from a child’s computer to keep them safe. The problem here is that you will need to create a login for the Microsoft site, and there is a bypass if the employees really want in.

The websites can be removed at any time should one be needed for work. There is also the ability to add new ones quickly by logging into accounts.

Using Coding to Block Websites

There is the option to use Coding to block websites. This is usually done in a Notepad, and will need to block each website in turn. The problem is you need to understand the coding to make sure it is done effectively. However, employees who understand the code could find a way around this block quite easily if they really want to break the rules.

There are various ways to block specific websites from employees. The question now is whether you really want to opt for this route or not.

Now Get Mobile Internet Even On During Your Trek To The Woods

Now Get Mobile Internet Even On During Your Trek To The Woods

Our life revolves around our work.  In this busy life, business has no borders, connectivity issues and nothing as drawbacks.  With access to some of the fastest speedy technology available today, video calls and voice calls over messaging applications are became common features. However, what happens if you move away from civilization? What happens if you go to a secluded area for vacation and you need to contact your office immediately?

BGAN satellite 2015

We all know that cellular connectivity is average at best of times. If you are lucky you may get a clear connection in urban and office areas. However, this is not the case when you move to wooded areas away from the city limits. Well have you heard about the BGAN satellite details? Most of us are Smartphone addicts. Hence the default answer to this question would be No.  However, what we do not realize is that there is a world which does not depend on Smart phones.  This is the world of adventure lovers and disaster response teams.

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You see, in all its glory, a Smartphone is still useless without a network.  This is where a service like BGAN comes into play. BGAN belongs to the world of satellite based communications. It is provided by companies like Inmarsat. In order to understand this better we need to understand the term “Satellite Based”.  As the name indicates, you are dependent on the communication and GPS satellites used by companies.

This is vastly different from our normal communication. The reason being that in order to use these devices you have to point it in the direction of the satellite. This may seem cumbersome to normal users. But we will explain to you why you should know more about BGAN satellite details.

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To start with, this service provides you with an internet connection no matter where you are located. There is no difference between a wooded area and an open plain far away from the nearest cell tower for this service. As stated since this depends on the position of the satellite, all the user has to  ensure no obstructions like overhanging trees or rock faces when using it.

Next this service is designed as an emergency service. It promises a clear internet connection and that is exactly what it delivers. You have access to around half a megabyte of speed. Now this may sound really slow. But it is enough to read your emails compose one and send it across. It also allows you to have a short voice call if needed.

However, do not assume that this service is unsecure. It has the inbuilt capability to use various security protocols and provide you a secure means of communication. In fact, this service is used by military personnel for this very reason. So even if you need to access the VPN server of your office, it can be done easily and quickly.

One major point that you need to know about BGAN satellite details is the fact that it has excellent support. The user gets access to both grounds as well as satellite support. What this means is that the connectivity rate touches 99% with ease. It also means that this service can be used in any location across the globe barring the arctic circles.

As you can see this service is extremely beneficial in places where your normal phone will not work. Ensure that you try it out beforehand and carry the position of the satellites with you beforehand. This will help you immensely when you need to use it.